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4 simple steps to duplicate an odd shape when doing flooring!

Updated: May 31, 2021

Have you ever tried to install carpet or put a new flooring around pipes, corners or any other irregular shape?

If yes, you know first-hand the challenges that come with using a straight-edged ruler, or trying to duplicate exactly the shape to ensure a perfect flooring installation.

Be it renovating the kitchen, custom woodworking projects in the garage, or installing new flooring in the bathroom you’re bound to run into irregular shapes, piping, or sections where a traditional ruler or tape measurement simply don’t give you the kind of accuracy you need.

So, how can you overcome this challenge to quickly duplicate the irregular shape and ensure a high-quality work?

That’s why we bring you a smarter, easier-to-use solution with these Brapana Contour Gauges that let you quickly measure corners, and curves with unmatched accuracy so you can always make the right cut the first time.

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Here are the 4 steps to make your work easier, faster and better:

Step 1. Use the Contour Gauge to measure the profile of the shape;

Step 2. Lock the Contour gauge to keep the profile copied (you can lock in that same exact contour and make multiple cuts to ensure wood, flooring, tile, or carpet is the right size and shape every single time.)

Step 3. Align the Contour Gauge in the tile, carpet, etc, trace and cut;

Step 4. Install and enjoy it.

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