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I will like to tell you a bit of my story.


In 2012 I received the key of my first apartment, moved out from my mom’s house and what came into my mind was FREEDOM!!!!
















Didn't took much to realize that those keys came in with a lot of responsibility and a lot that I had to learn.  First, I search several lists on what should I buy for my first apartment, were should I buy it.  Little by little I learned that usually I bought more than what I needed and a lot of things that never match with my decor. 

And then my boyfriend (now husband) came into the picture and moved in.  Guess what?  My decor was too but too girly!!!  Just Imagine: Purple walls with a flower lamp on the living room and the guest bathroom with a Neon Blue.  Thankfully he is a DO IT YOURSELF like me and we set aside a budget to remodel. 

To make the story short, I know many of us go through this process and I think there is nothing better than sharing with other tips and tricks that could avoid us going through the same, or simply help you improve or get ideas with what they you at the time.

So, let me ask you, have you ever been in this situation where you buy more? Were you search and search for tips and tricks, but there are many sources and stories. 

Well let me help you have in one place these tips and tricks that will definitely make you like much easier.


  • Love the idea of having advice of different decorations you can apply

  • Having the best quick action lists that will make your life easier

  • A working Mom that looks for easy and fast tips to have more time to spend with your kids

  • Searching for those "how to" that will add time and fun to your live.

  • And want to receive a FREE checklists, ebooks and more.

Then leave us your email and we will make sure to update you in trends, do´s, don´ts, organization tips and much more!!!

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